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ClaVal Pantographs ClaVal Pantograph Primer
Flow Control - Blackmer Pump Article

A Different Kind of Fuel Pump: Pre-engineered refueling systems for aircraft and heavy-duty construction applications
Flow Control Magazine

February 2014

Facet Logo EI (API) 1581 5th Edition Compliance for Jet Fuel Filter / Separators
Air Beat Magazine A Simplifed Guide to Jet Aviation Fuel Farm Design
Article by Millennium Systems International, Air Beat Magazine, November/December 2010
ALEA (Airborne Law Enforcement Association)
(PDF File, 119 KB)
Facet API 1581 Poster Facet API 1581, 5th Edition
Complete Aviation Filtration Systems

(PDF File, 284 KB)
Facet Filter Cleaning
Facet Cleaning Procedures-Teflon® Screen
and Synthetic Separator Cartridges

(PDF File, 206 KB)
EI Logo API Transfers Custody of Fueling Standards
to EI
Minimum Submergence vs Velocity

Chart or Recommended Minimum Submergence vs. Velocity - Gorman Rupp Pumps
(PDF File, 26 KB)

IP - Energy Institute Warning on Use of Aviation Fuel Filter Monitors (Fuses) from EI/IP
(PDF File, 67 KB)
Piping Considerations Presentation by Blackmer Pump
(PDF File, 498 KB)
Facet Logo Facet International: Product Bulletin
Model FG-2XX-4 End Caps

(PDF File, 60 KB)
Facet Logo Facet International - Product Recall Bulletin
Model FG-230-4 End Cap Adhesion Failure

(PDF File, 154 KB)
PEI Journal Online Article Very Light Jet Fueling Systems: Emerging Market Fuels Expansion
The PEI Journal Online
(PDF File, 71 KB)
Millennium Systems International
Aviation Fueling Engineering Seminar

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Facet Logo

Facet Technical Bulletin re: Monitor Change Out Pressure
(PDF File, 105 KB)

Facet History of Filter/Monitors Facet: History of Filter/Monitors
(PDF File, 648 KB)
API 1581 IATA Update API 1581 5th Edition: IATA May 2007 Update
(PDF File, 315 KB)
Hose Friction Loss Chart Hose Friction Loss Chart
IP 1583 Monitor Specification Update
Velcon API IP 1581
APl/IP 1581 5th Edition Specification Summary
Air Beat Magazine
"Are You Complying with Fuel Regulations?"
Air Beat Magazine, July/August 2003
ALEA (Airborne Law Enforcement Association)


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