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MARS - Modular Aircraft Refueling Systems

The New Standard in FBO Fuel Farm Design


The MARS family of Modular Aircraft Refueling Systems from Millennium Systems International is the new standard in Aviation Fuel Farm design. Our innovative MARS modules are designed to meet over 90% of all FBO Fuel Farm requirements for Avgas and Jet Fuel:


  • Standardized MARS Module configurations simplify specification, procurement, maintenance and spare parts support


  • Each MARS Module is precision-engineered with rugged, field-proven components to provide years of trouble-free service


  • Flexible, modular design allows for system expansion as needs change by simply adding modules; provides a truly “scalable” aviation fueling system solution


  • A wide range of options available including Underwing Refueling, Self-Serve Fueling (w/Credit Card Reader) and aluminum or stainless steel cabinet enclosures.


The MARS Family

PFT (Pump & Filtration) Module

  • Offload product from Fuel Transport and filter into Fuel Storage Tank at flowrates up to 200 USGPM
  • Recirculate product through filter
  • Pump filtered product from storage to other MARS Modules

DTP (Direct-to-Plane) Module

  • Meter and dispense filtered fuel directly into aircraft (15-60 USGPM)
  • Installed in close proximity to PFT Module

RDS (Remote Dispensing) Module

  • Filter, meter & dispense fuel directly into aircraft (15-60 USGPM)
  • Installed remotely from PFT Module or Submersible Pump

TLO (Truck Loading) Module

  • Meter & Bottom Load filtered fuel into Aircraft Refuelers (200 USGPM)
  • Installed local or remote to PFT Module

Combo Module

  • Combined PFT/DTP/TLO Module Systems
  • Fuel Transport Unloading / Recirculation / Direct-to-Plane Fuel Dispensing / Refueler Bottom Loading
  • Integrated into Single Skid
  • Configurable for future Self Serve / Credit Card Reader option

TAE (Total Access Enclosure) Module

  • All panels are removable
  • Shoebox weather-tight fitting lid/cover
  • Half-drop door
  • SS hardware
  • Provisions for locking
  • 1/8" architectural grade aluminum


MARS Modular Aircraft Refeuling System



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