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International Terms & Conditions

  1. Price: All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars.

  2. Terms: Payment via Irrevocable, Confirmed, Divisible Letter of Credit, drawn on a U.S. bank in favor of Millennium Systems International, LLC, P.O. Box 229, Westminster, Md. 21158, USA.

  3. Taxes: Applicable Federal, State and local taxes, if any, are not included in our offer.

  4. Duties: Tariffs, import duties, taxes, fees or licenses required for the exportation or importation of goods described herein are not included.

  5. Bonds: The cost of bid and/or performance bonds is not included in our offer.

  6. F.O.B.: Ex-Works, Baltimore, Maryland, USA unless otherwise indicated.

  7. Packing: Standard commercial packing, suitable for containerized shipment.

  8. Bank Fees: All banking fees shall be for the account of the buyer.

  9. Insurance: All insurance charges shall be for the account of the buyer unless otherwise indicated.

  10. Documents: All document preparation and authentication charges shall be for the account of the buyer.

  11. Validity: Offer is valid for a period of ninety (90) days from date of offer unless otherwise indicated.

  12. Delivery: Estimated delivery is ______ days after receipt of bona fide Purchase Order and operable Letter of Credit. Add approximately 45 to 60 days additional for ocean
    transit, customs clearance and release at the Port of Entry. Estimated delivery is offered in good faith, subject to Force Majeure.

  13. Acceptance: All offers subject to final acceptance by an officer of Millennium Systems International, LLC.

  14. Compliance: Millennium Systems International, LLC certifies that this transaction complies with all applicable U.S. laws including the Export Administration Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  15. Warranty: Millennium Systems International, LLC warrants its products and systems against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. Extended warranty coverage is available upon request as an extra-cost option. See our Limited Warranty for additional details.



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