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Winter 2011

Happy Holidays!

It is hard to believe 2010 is already coming to a close--how time flies! We wish to thank our loyal customers who have helped make 2010 not only memorable, but record-breaking. From Africa to Arizona, we have literaly spanned the globe this year and we only have you to thank for the adventures.

As we move into 2011, catch up with us at various trade shows and events. We'll be updating our travel plans on our website and in our newsletters, so be sure to keep checking in! Here's to 2011!

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  • Camp Taji Truck Fillstands christen our new manufacturing facility!
  • North of the Border: Keeping America Safe
  • Al Udeid Airbase, Qatar: Offloading Skid Systems
  • Tanks-R-Us
  • MSI Technical Tips: Filter Categories
  • Under Construction

  • North of the Border: Keeping America Safe
    MSI Skid-U.S. Border Patrol

    Earlier this year, Gene O'Brien of Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. (Herndon, VA) sold a MARS PFT (Pump & Filter) / DTP (Direct-to-Plane) Module to the U.S. Border Patrol near Tucson, AZ. The system consists of an 8000 USG FireGuard Tank and accessories as well as the MARS PFT/DTP Module used for refueling Border Patrol Helicopters engaged in border surveillance along the U.S.-Mexico border. The MARS Module features a Blackmer Pump, Facet Filter/Sep-arator, L.C. Meter, Hannay Reel, Goodyear Fueling Hose & Emco Overwing Nozzle. Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. is MSI's largest distributor.

    Al Udeid Airbase, Qatar: Offloading Skid Systems
    MSI Skid_Al Udeid

    MSI is proud to have delivered two (2) MARS 300 USGPM Military Truck Offload Skids to Mapco, LLC (Doha) for installation at Al Udeid Airbase (Qatar). Both skids will be used to offload transports into storage for later dispensing into refueler trucks. The fuel is pumped over ½ mile to storage tanks where additional MARS Skids bottom load refueler trucks at flowrates up to 600 USGPM. Each MARS Offload Skid features Gorman Rupp Rotoprime Pump, Facet Filter & LC Meter w/all explosion-proof control panels.


    In addition to shop-built storage tanks, Millennium Systems International, LLC is proud to furnish field-erected API 650 tanks designed & built by Matrix Service Inc. (Houston, TX) and collapsible tanks supplied by MPC Containment International, LLC (Chicago, IL). Regardless of the size of your job, MSI can handle almost any fuel storage requirement large or small, fixed or temporary, local or remote.

    MSI Technical Tips: Filter Categories

    Everyone in the aviation fueling business by now is familiar with the API 1581 5th Edition standards which define filter/separator performance. Fewer are familiar with the fact that there are three categories of filters made under 5th Edition. The categories are listed below:

    · Category C: Commercial Fuel Handling (Jet A or Jet A-1)

    · Category M: Military Fuel Handling (JP-5 or JP-8)

    · Category M100: Military Fuel Handling of Plus 100 Additized JP-8 fuel

    Category M or M100 are designed for the multiple additives designed to prevent corrosion, dissipate static charge, prevent fuel system icing & lower fuel flashpoint in military jet fuel. Category C filters can handle commercial additives but not multiple military additives. Always make certain that you have the proper category of filter for your fuel handling requirements. The filter category can be found on the filter nameplate alongside the API 1581 5th Edition reference.

    Under Construction
    Under Construction

    Here are some of our upcoming projects. Be sure to look for photos and descriptions of these systems in upcoming newsletters and on our website.

    · Camp Taji, Iraq: 300 USGPM Truck Offload/600 USGPM Pump Skids

    · U.S. Army, Iraq: (4) Diesel Engine Driven Pump Trailers

    · NASA Glenn, OH: MARS PFT/DTP-U x 2 Module

    · Al Andalus, Iraq: 400 USGPM HEMMT Refueling Skid

    · USMC-Albany, GA: 300 USGPM Truck Offload Skid

    · Almco Group, Iraq: 200 USGPM Truck Offload Skid & Dispensing Equipment

    · Dexter, ME Airport: MARS PFT-200-AVGAS Modules

    · Ft. Reilly, KS: (3) MARS Helicopter Refueling Cabinets

    Camp Taji Truck Fillstands christen our new manufacturing facility!
    MSI Skid_Camp Taji

    We are proud to announce our recent move to newer, larger facilities approximately two miles from our old facilities. Our new manufacturing facility is located at 918 Pulaski Highway, Bldg. C, Havre de Grace, MD 21078. Phone, fax & e-mail contact information remains unchanged. In addition to new mezzanine offices currently under construction, we will be installing a new 10 ton overhead crane in the shop by mid-January. This crane will greatly expand the size and scope of skid systems that we will be able to manufacture.

    Shown here are photos of (3) Truck Fillstands for Camp Taji, Iraq ordered by Middle East Engineering of Baghdad, Iraq that include both interior and exterior views of our new plant. More details to follow.

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