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Winter 2009


This new year finds us increasingly busy and excited about the projects with which we're currently engaged. We wish to thank our many business partners who help make each project such a success. We're also excited about the upcoming AS3-GSE trade show in Las Vegas, NV in March. Stop by our booth and say hello. And, as always, please feel free to pass this newsletter along to your associates and have them join our expanding mailing list.

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  • MARS Rooftop Helicopter Refueling Systems Update
  • STARCARTS for Africa
  • MSI Tech. Tips: Anti-Syphon Valves
  • Trade Show Update
  • Aviation Trivia

  • MARS Rooftop Helicopter Refueling Systems Update
    MSI Rooftop Skid

    Millennium Systems International has recently delivered Rooftop Helicopter Refueling Systems at Duke Hospital in Durham, N.C. and at Des Moines Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. These systems are in addition to other Successful installation at Washington Medical Center, D.C., Fairfax County Hospital, Fairfax, VA and University of Wisconsin Health Center in Madison, WI. The attached photo shows our flush- deck configuration for the rooftop RDS (Remote Dispensing) Module. Millennium's ability to design and deliver Jet fuel to rooftop dispensers sets it apart from the competition. Other rooftop Helicopter Refueling System orders on the books for early 2009 delivery include Miami Valley Hospital, Cincinnati, OH and St. Mary's Hospital, Boulder, CO.

    STARCARTS for Africa
    MSI Starcarts

    Supreme Site Services provides logistical support for clients around the world including NATO, U.S. military and United Nations. Millennium Systems is pleased to have supplied (2) 300 gpm STARCARTS for refueling of humanitarian flights in West Africa; recently, Supreme has also placed an order for (1) STARCART and (1) C-17 Wet Wing Defueling Cart with MSI. . The STARCARTS feature diesel engine driven pumps, filters, meters and hose reels for both direct-to-plane refueling as well as bulk transfer of jet fuel between transports and flexible pillow tanks. Millennium's STARCARTS are at work in hundreds of remote airfields throughout the world and are renowned for the rugged construction and reliability. They are at home in both combat and peacetime endeavors.

    MSI Tech. Tips: Anti-Syphon Valves

    All aboveground jet fuel storage tank systems must be equipped with anti-syphon valves. In many cases, installers (and competitors) will use a brass solenoid valve which is sized to match the pump suction line (usually 3"). When the pump is turned on, the normally closed valve is energized and consequently opens. The use of a brass solenoid valve betrays an ignorance (or disregard) for prohibition of red metals (i.e. copper & brass) in contact with jet fuel (per NFPA 407). What to do? Two possibilities: 1. If money is no object ($3,779) replace the 3" brass valve with a 3" stainless valve. OR 2. Install a ¾" normally open solenoid valve in the suction line (downstream of a check valve) that is tied to either the fill or vent lines. Because it is normally open, this valve will prevent the pump from priming since it is a source of air. Because it does not handle liquid fuel it can be brass. When the pump is turned on, the auxiliary contacts of the motor starter energize the normally open valve which then immediately closes, thereby allowing the pump to prime. Cost? About $395, roughly 1/10 the cost of a conventional, line- sized stainless steel solenoid valve. Keep this in mind the next time you need to select an anti-syphon valve.

    Trade Show Update

    Be sure and visit our booth at the AS3-GSE Trade Show: March 10-12, 2009 Las Vegas, NV! Look for further information to come in the near future.

    And, coming up in April, we will be at the NPMA- Petro 2009 Tradeshow at the Dulles Expo Center. The show is in Dulles, VA April 27-30.

    Aviation Trivia
    C-130 Aircraft

    Match the following aircraft to their fuel capacities--get them all correct and we'll send you an MSI hat. Contact Mr. Gordon Johnson with your answers to see how well you know fuel!

    Aircraft         Fuel Capacity

    C-130           48,000

    C-5A            26,900

    B-2               6,600

    KC-10           27,900

    C-17             53,144


    Saudi Aramco-Khurais Jet Fueling Skid

    MSI Skid

    Millennium Systems International is proud to have supplied one of the most complex fueling systems it has ever built to Saudi Aramco for its Khurais Project earlier this year. The Aramco sale was made by Al Aswad Trading & Contracting Est. which has represented Millennium Systems in Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years. The Khurais Project is a multi-billion dollar oil field that is expected to increase Aramco's oil production from 11.3 to 12.5 million bpd by late 2009. Due to the skid size, it was built in two sections to enable shipment by air freight. The entire skid system was stainless steel construction. The Khurais Jet Fuel Skid will refuel cargo and passenger aircraft engaged in delivering manpower & material to what is called the largest industrial project currently underway anywhere in the world.

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