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It is hard to believe we are already through summer-time and heading into fall. As usual, MSI has stayed extrememly busy providing market-leading refueling solutions, as well as making additional capital improvements to further enhance our ability to serve our customer's needs (see "10 Ton Crane", below). We also invite you to visit our updated website for the latest project updates, photos, and technical articles.

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  • Featured System: Manhattan Heliport
  • 10 Ton Crane!
  • Project Profile: Djibouti, Africa
  • MSI Featured Product: Crown Water Probe
  • Under Construction

  • 10 Ton Crane!
    MSI Crane
    One of the most important investments we have made at Millennium Systems International is our 10 ton over-head Kone crane. This versatile piece of equipment enables us to not only be able to handle large pumps and filter vessels, but also enables us to pick up and load skid systems that weigh up to 20,000 pounds! One current project in our shop, for the U.S. Navy at Pt. Mugu, CA, will measure over 300 inches in length and tip the scales at 15,000 pounds, making it one of the larger skids we have ever built.

    Don't hesitate to put us to the test as we're sure our crane can handle almost anything you can send our way!

    Project Profile: Djibouti, Africa
    MSI System--Djibouti
    Kothari & Co., Ltd., is a Djibouti based company specializing in the supply of fuel and equipment to U.S. and coalition vessels engaged in anti-piracy activities off the Horn of Africa. The Japanese Navy contacted Kothari & Co., Ltd. to supply them with JP-5 fuel. MSI responded with a self-contained diesel-engine driven MARS PFT (Pump and Filtration Module) capable of transferring fuel from shore-based trailers directly to Japanese warships at flow rates up to 150 GPM. This fuel enables Japanese helicopters to make the Horn of Africa safer for the world's merchant ship traffic.

    MSI Featured Product: Crown Water Probe
    Crown Water Probe
    MSI has standardized on Crown Water Defense Controllers to ensure optimum fuel quality on all of its MARS Modular Aircraft Refueling Systems. The Crown Water Defense Probe is based on conductivity technology. The difference in conductivity between water and Jet Fuel energizes an intrinsically safe relay that will disable the pump and illuminate a Water-in-Fuel alarm pilot light in the MARS Module whenever water is detected in the filter sump. Crown systems used in MARS PFT Modules feature a self-test valve manifold for checking the probe with water without fuel contamination.

    Under Construction
    Under Construction
    Here are some of our upcoming projects. Be sure to look for photos and descriptions of these systems in upcoming newsletters and on our website.

    - Almco-Shell Oil: Iraq--200 GPM Truck Off-Load Skid and accessories

    - U.S. Navy, Pt. Mugu, CA: (1) 300 GPM Duplex Pump/Filter/Relax Tank skid; (2) Pantograph Station Skids

    - Braden Park, PA: (1) MARS PFT/RDS Avgas System; (2) 1 MARS PFT/RDS Avgas System

    - U.S. Marine Corps, 29 Palms, CA: Abrams M1A1 Fuel System

    Featured System: Manhattan Heliport
    MSI System--Manhattan Heliport
    Saker Aviation's Manhattan Heliport is the base of operations for hundreds of sight-seeing helicopter flights over New York City every day. Working in conjunction with Core Engineered Solutions, MSI supplied a 150 GPM MARS PFT (Pump and Filtration Module) which receives, filters, and transfers jet fuel to two flush-mount MARS RDS (Remote Dispensing) Module suspended off the side of one of the floating piers that serves as a helipad. Everyday, hundreds of flights are serviced by this unique fueling system.
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