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Fall 2009


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  • MARS Offshore Fueling Modules
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  • Technical Tip: Be Nice to Spiders!
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  • MARS Offshore Fueling Modules
    MSI Skid

    Millennium Systems International (MSI) recently delivered one of its MARS Offshore Helifuel Systems to Diamond Offshore of Houston, Texas. Diamond Offshore is one of the pioneers in the development of offshore drill platform technology. MSI's MARS Offshore Helifuel System consists of a PFT (Pump & Filter) Module and RDS (Remote Dispensing) Module. The PFT Module is installed adjacent to the fuel storage tank below deck while the RDS Module is located on the elevated helideck.

    All MARS Offshore Modules feature all 316L stainless steel cabinets, containment pans, piping and pipe supports. The pump, filter/separator, flow meter, valves, hose reel, static reel and even electrical conduit are of all 316 stainless steel construction to withstand the corrosive marine environment found on offshore drill rigs.

    Contact us for more details on both our MARS Offshore Fueling Modules as well as our 2900 Liter Offshore Helifuel Storage Tanks.

    Ft. Gordon Fueling Systems
    MSI Skid

    Jones & Frank, a major PEI (and MSI) distributor in the Southeastern United States, has recently completed the installation of a major emergency diesel fuel distribution system at Ft. Gordon, GA. Jones & Frank chose MSI to supply the 300 USGPM Duplex Diesel Truck Unload Skid, 100 USGPM Pump & Filter Skid and 100 USGPM Truck Fillstand. Each skid is equipped with PLC- based controls that enable bidirectional communications between skids to insure that fuel handling is equal to the task of supporting critical U.S. military information technology activities at Ft. Gordon.

    Check out other MSI Military Fueling Systems at the following link:

    Technical Tip: Be Nice to Spiders!

    Spiders are the aluminum or stainless steel endplates which are fitted over the ends of filter cartridges. They are intended to perform the following functions:

    1. Keep cartridges separated to equalize flow around the cartridges and a pathway for the coalesced water drops to fall into the sump.

    2. Give support to the "free ends" of the filter cartridge

    3. To prevent microbial growth.

    4. To meet API 1581 5th Edition requirements

    5. To prevent static discharge & internal fires

    A solid electrical path from the spider to the vessel shell is essential. This is usually accomplished via the tie rods that make solid contact with the spider plate. While this is common on separators, the screw-base coalescers might not be bonded to anything (thus becoming "unbonded charge collectors" which could lead to fires in the vessel). Insure that these spiders are bonded electrically to the vessel by attaching to a metal clip, or a braided stainless steel wire to the separator spider. (Above excerpted from Velcon "Clarifier" Newsletter dated February 2009).

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    Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan

    MSI Skid

    Millennium Systems International, LLC is proud to have been selected by the U.S. State Department to supply qty (4) 200 USGPM JP-8 and Diesel Truck Offload/Load Skids for installation at Kabul International Airport. Each system is equipped with self-priming centrifugal pumps and vertical pre-filters & filter/separators per API 1581 5th Edition complete with steel grating work platform, access ladder and structural steel skid base. These systems will be responsible for safe-guarding and improving the quality of all JP-8 and Diesel Fuel deliveries to this strategic international airport.

    more on MSI Skid Systems

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